Today’s Prayer

Tuesday is the big day.  The midterms will be completed and we will have some idea of which direction this country is heading for another couple of years.  I may celebrate the results or be disappointed but it does not matter.  I believe that God’s Will shall be made manifest in any case.  My only … More Today’s Prayer


The first inkling I had that changes were coming was when I realized that my dying parents would never see the new home Tom and I had recently purchased.  This was very disappointing to me but I didn’t realize how life changing this loss would be until after they had both passed.  I know now, … More Transitions

Being Old

We don’t just get old and die. Most of us will get old and stay that way a long, long time before we die. I was weeding my lovely flower garden this morning when I recognized that I needed to stop and rest my back. It was hurting like blazes. I’ve been saying for a … More Being Old

A Holy Moment

If walking this walk with my beloved Archie broke open my heart, then walking this walk with my mother is cleansing my soul.  Mom’s not eating more than a few bites a day now. When she stops completely we will know to start preparations for her burial.  I think I am ready. My heart is … More A Holy Moment


A post on Craig’s List reminded me of a sofa table I had before Archie died. I remembered the feeling I had about the table before I remembered what it looked like and I struggled to come up with an image. A matching buffet and dining room table from the same Thomasville grouping came to … More Memories

Finding Izzy

How did I ever find a man who was absolutely OK with whatever is? Not just on the good days either. No matter what the circumstance or challenge Tom remains cool, calm, present and solution oriente… Source: Finding Izzy

Dear 45

January 22, 2017   Dear 45, I want you to know that you are not the last misogynistic man that women will let get away with dominating them.  That was the guy before you in our lives.  You are the one we will not let get away with taking away our rights. Many of us, … More Dear 45

The End Game

My 93 year old mother and I had a chat at her kitchen table today. Mom was complaining that she wasn’t getting well fast enough. She was going on and on about being so tired she just couldn’t stand it and then she went through an extensive list of grievances that she had about things … More The End Game