Finding Izzy

How did I ever find a man who was absolutely OK with whatever is? Not just on the good days either. No matter what the circumstance or challenge Tom remains cool, calm, present and solution oriente… Source: Finding Izzy

Dear 45

January 22, 2017   Dear 45, I want you to know that you are not the last misogynistic man that women will let get away with dominating them.  That was the guy before you in our lives.  You are the one we will not let get away with taking away our rights. Many of us, … More Dear 45

The End Game

My 93 year old mother and I had a chat at her kitchen table today. Mom was complaining that she wasn’t getting well fast enough. She was going on and on about being so tired she just couldn’t stand it and then she went through an extensive list of grievances that she had about things … More The End Game

Conscious Dying

I wake up in the morning and, after a cup of coffee shared with my darling, I walk the dogs around the pond for their morning treat. Later, after starting a load of laundry or some picking up, I begin to prepare to head to my parents house for the daily visit. I try to … More Conscious Dying

Wonder: An argument for prayer whether you believe in God or not.

A friend posted this quote on Face Book the other day: “I would rather have a mind opened by Wonder than a mind closed by belief.” I saw those words and began to ponder if there was truth in them for me. It seems that wonder leaves us smack in the middle of the Mystery. … More Wonder: An argument for prayer whether you believe in God or not.

Giving It Away

In 2009 I began developing the equine therapy program that would become the central focus of my career as a substance abuse counselor. Little did I know then what a powerful, effective treatment modality it would become!   Back then I didn’t know about “limbic resonance” or that this was the event that made the sessions … More Giving It Away