Face Book Fun

July 14, 2015 We woke up to a plethora of warm wishes on Face Book from friends and family today. Yesterday evening Tom and I were sitting at our lap tops and decided to update our “Relationship” pages. We felt it was time to move from “In a relationship” to “Engaged” since we had made … More Face Book Fun

Still Learning!

July 9, 2015 Blogging! How do you start something you have never done before without a clue how to do it! This has been the preoccupation for the past two days. First it was all about who would see or even read the blog. Then it was about how to make it look “right” on … More Still Learning!

Still Learning

Why The Blog? I am a retired substance abuse counselor having worked in residential treatment for 25 years as a therapist and an equine therapist.  I discovered many things about the dark side of human nature (my own as well as others), during those years and slowly developed a relationship with a Higher Power through … More Still Learning