Face Book Fun

From New Samsung Galaxy 5 12.1.14 092

July 14, 2015

We woke up to a plethora of warm wishes on Face Book from friends and family today. Yesterday evening Tom and I were sitting at our lap tops and decided to update our “Relationship” pages. We felt it was time to move from “In a relationship” to “Engaged” since we had made the decision to marry and had begun to make plans for that event. We hit the “Share” button thinking that information would be visible on our “About” page little knowing that it would be broadcasted in such a celebratory way to all our friends and family members who have FB pages. Personally, I was a little bit shy about telling the world about this marriage. My plan was to have it be a quiet event with just two witnesses and afterward we would send out a little announcement. As I had been married a few times before, this felt comfortable to me. I guess God had other plans.

I am always deeply moved by the love and friendship shared on FB. It is such a wonderful tool for staying in touch and following the lives of people I care for. It reminds me every day that we are all One and all connected if we wish to be. Most of the people who sent their love and support live miles away. Many I haven’t seen in years and many don’t even live in this country, but there they are, whenever I reach out they reach back. What a fine time to be on planet Earth!

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