The Light And Politics

The LightJuly 20, 2015

The light, all we seek is the light. When we find it, when we really see it, we are filled with Joy! I saw the light in this photo this morning and I just wanted to stay there forever. But the day ahead was full and I was filled with that Joy. Later today I received a face book post of an article about the President and was astonished by what the writer and the person who shared it was doing. I don’t normally voice any kind of opinion on such things, but I knew some facts about this story and what they were insinuating was defaming a person and spreading a culture of discord and hate. I had to speak up and state what I knew to be factual as rebuttal and to correct an inaccurate image of an event. When I did, another reader of the post also tried to correct the situation and spoke up. The person who shared apologized for “offending” anyone. Personally, I was not offended and said so. The other person was, however, and stated so while at the same time voicing his commitment to his friendship with this person and assuring that person that he would not jeopardize their relationship over a difference of opinion. This man expressed himself with such honesty and grace that I now realize I had the opportunity to see the “light” for the second time today. I believe that there is a conversation that can be had that is honest, differing in points of view, and still able to creatively move forward in a mutually respectful way that, in the process, deepens the relationship and trust between people.

On the subject of the face book post, there must be a way to creatively transform this also. The man, the President in this case, what he was doing, what he is doing now and what he was carrying; (Fareed Zakaria’s book, “The Post American World”), and the circumstances they were referring to in the article were factual, however, the meanings of that man’s  being in that circumstance are not factual. Why was he there? What does it mean to the country? What does it mean to me? The meanings that get projected are in direct correlation connected to individual points of view. If you like the man, the circumstances mean one thing, if you don’t like the man the circumstance mean another. Neither is true or false, they are not real, they are made up! (Who I get to share my point of view, however, gives me power. Or, at least the illusion of power.) So, why don’t we all stop passing along other people’s meanings about things and form some of our own. Do the research, base your theories on facts and let’s have a dialogue rather than sling rotten apples at one another. This is getting dangerous!

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