Thoughts Outside The Box

From New Samsung Galaxy 5 12.1.14 118What if the physical world; the universe, the stars and quarks and black holes; the earth with all its beauty, majesty, cruelty, splendor; mankind with all its inhumanity, violence, famine, injustice, love, vengeance, greed, compassion, forgiveness were not created by God. What if, all that we experience; see, feel, touch, taste, smell and imagine are the products of man’s collective unconsciousness creatively projecting, manifesting the physical world? What if “God” and “No God” were just ideas, created by the mind of man, to create the illusion that you are not me and we are not God? That somehow we are separate and we must protect ourselves from “our enemies”.

Now this conversation still begs the question: “Does God exist?” But if we are asking the question, we cannot know the answer. Perhaps the “Mind of God”, that Einstein was curious about, created the mind of man? Perhaps God is the Cause and the mind of man is the effect?   That would mean that I am one with God and everything else.  Given the power of the mind we would have inherited, it is easy to conceive of Christ as a manifestation of the God Mind in the physical world. For didn’t He try to teach us what powers our mind possesses and show us how we have been misusing our collective and individual thoughts?

Just think about this for a moment. If it were true that the mind of man has created matter in all its forms, including that magnificent sunrise, and all the effects that mind is the cause of, including love, fear and hate, then wouldn’t we want to take a closer look at the thoughts that populate our consciousness? What if not being diligent about our thoughts, attitudes, prejudices, biases and resentments creates the chaos we see in the world? What if it is not “God” allowing all the suffering and pain in the world but US, and doing it unconsciously!? If I am constantly judging as right or wrong, good or evil, sinful or holy, everything that I come in contact with, then I am not recognizing that it is all me; that we are One and that I am attacking myself when I reject, resent or dismiss anyone. What if this is the real source of my guilt? What if these thoughts in the mind of man are the cause of the chaos in the world?

How many people have I attacked in my mind today? The numbers are staggering when I stop to consider every little event that I react to with negativity; every little judgment, irritation and annoyance whether it is directed toward another or myself. It is often said that we have the government we deserve. Our politicians are a reflection of us, of our collective unconsciousness. We can do better than this. But we cannot do better than this by believing we are separate. We need to begin to recognize, as individuals, that we are all connected to the whole, but not just as US citizens, black or white, Republican or Democrat, wealthy or poor, but as global stewards, and every thought we have is manifested in matter in some way, shape or form. We have seen the power of prayer when two or more are joined. We know we can use this power to produce a world of Peace. It’s not about equal rights or liberty or freedom. Focusing on those things, we have missed the larger issue. It has always been about Oneness. That is what we have denied ourselves and in doing so we have lost our liberties, seen ourselves and each other as unequal, sinful and threatening and waged wars because we made money the God of our collective unconsciousness.

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