The Message I Heard From Pope Francis

“Deafening Anonymity” That was Pope Francis’ description of our unwillingness to turn towards, look at, recognize those people we do not want to see; the homeless, the poor, the disenfranchised, the non-believers, the suffering, the ones who frighten us. His words entreated those who would hear him to “Wake up”, “Go forward” and reach out … More The Message I Heard From Pope Francis

The Wedding Part II

Tom and I went to Wisconsin last weekend to attend my late husband’s nephew’s wedding. Besides my brother-in-law’s family, my Texas family was there also; our daughter and her husband; our two beautiful granddaughters and my best friend. We all shared Racine with Tom. We visited the little flat that Archie and I first lived … More The Wedding Part II

The Wedding

Don’t know where I’m going this morning. I usually have the day all planned out by 7 AM, but today I can’t seem to find a direction or focus. There are a few things on my to-do list but no real ambition or obligations driving my focus. I seem to be in a holding pattern … More The Wedding

My Mother, My Self

It is not uncommon to see greatness in our elders. We see the courage it took to live lives filled with challenges, tragedy, disappointments, and losses. We see the wisdom gained from thousands of life lessons, each one contributing to the wealth of insight and understanding acquired in a lifetime. We see greatness in their … More My Mother, My Self

Ego – yuk!

A friend recently reminded me that all self-defeating behaviors are of the ego. I have spent years trying to diminish most of those behaviors but there is always “more east to go”. I have seen narcissism in myself throughout my early years but it has gotten much more subtle through the past twenty five years … More Ego – yuk!