Advent – A Season of Preparation

Christmas Tree

Last night Tom and I were looking for something worth watching on TV when I remarked that it doesn’t feel much like Christmas to me. Tom said he felt the same way. We continued to watch something neither of us was very interested in for a little while longer and then we went to bed feeling a little down, a little empty. We had been looking to entertainment to fill a void and found it lacking. Tom and I watch so little television that it can be days before we turn it on. The saturation of advertisement on the news programs alone was enough to drive us away. We limited our viewing to Netflix movies from time to time or a program we had recorded. We had found that Face Book was a source of entertainment though and would spend an hour or so each morning catching up with friends, sharing inspirational messages, jokes, and pokes and just having fun. We both tried to limit the political satire and, of course, the rants were quickly deleted as well as the “friends” who sent them. Over time, however, the advertisements began to creep in. Suddenly the only way to see that cute or warm fuzzy video was to open a site that was filled with ads and scroll through till the video was available. Something was wrong with this picture.

This is the Season of Advent. I don’t need to be entertained, or distracted, or tempted to join a movement. I need God. I need contemplation. I need to go within and prepare for the coming of Christ within me. I need meditation and I need prayer. There is a void in my life. It feels like a ‘pause’; a moment following an exhale before the next breath is breathed in. It is clear to me now that I have been filling this space with a lot that is not sacred and very little that is. It wasn’t until Face Book became so filled with advertising and I was considering closing my account that I noticed the ‘empty space’ I had been trying to fill. My God is good! He has taken me by the hand and brought me back to this moment to discover that all I really want is Him!

I will keep my Face Book account but only as a tool to share God’s gifts in my life. I will not open it to see who is doing what with whom or read the funny stories or gasp at the injustices in the world or to get warm fuzzies. I love all of my Face Book friends and I will continue to send At Heaven’s Gate out to them as I post blogs, but if you don’t see any “likes or shares” from me, please understand that I am no longer reading the daily notifications and newsfeeds. I am simply using this social media as a way to broadcast blogs and articles that have meaning for me and which I believe will have meaning for some of you. If you feel compelled to “un-friend” me, I will not take that personally. I trust that we are all on our own journey and not everyone will want to read what I send out. You may contact me by commenting on a blog or by email. For those of you who post wonderful inspiring messages, you may trust that I will see them on your ‘Timelines’ which I will check on from time to time so as not to miss your words of wisdom and grace.  God Bless you all and may each and every one of you experience the Joy that is Christmas this season.

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