Can we all work together, please?

new-york-statue-of-libertyHas anyone considered the possibility that someone can be totally homophobic and not be a bigot? Recently it was reported that many of Trump’s key positions on his cabinet have been filled with people who are against the progress that has been made on LGBT issues. What does that mean? Does that have to mean that all of these people will work to reverse the gains that the LGBT community has made? Is it possible that they are just like thousands of others whose own cultural imprints have left deep fears of moral or personal corruption from which they view the world?  I think that it is possible that those people, who surely look like bigots, possess the ability to recognize the inherent truth of “Equality for all”. As I look from the left side of this equation I don’t have to respond with righteous indignation either. I too have a choice. I’m going to wait and see; comment when I think I might have something relevant to say, and try to research both sides as often as I can.

Although I am not an activist, I want to applaud those people who are the driving force for radical change. They have guts, passion and a stake in the game or they support others who have a stake in the game. Look at the veterans who are standing with the protesters at the pipeline. I also applaud those who push back against that change for ethical reasons. The operative word here is “ethical”; like the very real question of morality as it applies to the right to life. (But when an issue like that becomes a means to an end for greed and control we have lost our moral compass.) We need the tension between the urge for radical change and the cautionary push back to move forward slowly so that we have time to assimilate new ways of thinking as a whole; as a society.  I have seen the social changes we have made over the past 50 years as have you.  Some of those I am comfortable with, some I am not; but no change can represent every individual’s needs and I have to create the space in my mind and heart for all others’ needs to be met too, even if it threatens my particular world view.  Who said mine was the right one; or, the only one?

I am, however, very weary of the bashing of one set of ideas against another and the chaos and gridlock it creates.  Now we have to listen to the Democrats looking for reasons to “investigate this or that” about our President Elect, the alt-right and the possibility of conflicts of interests in the Trump presidency. We all need to be “watch dogs” for sure, but we often do our own share of fear mongering and speculating on the negative effects of some of Mr. Trump’s actions. We had to suffer investigations into Hillary’s emails and the role she played regarding Benghazi for the past two years from the right. Must we continue this tradition from the Left? Unfortunately, the media makes a ton of money keeping the news focused on these things and this feeds our biases and keeps us divided. (By the way, we paid for that with our tax dollars and we will continue to pay for this type of fear mongering from both sides until we start working together.) So, I am waiting and watching to see if this administration and congress can do anything about any of it.  I suspect, given the checks and balances in our system, it will again be two steps forward and one back when it’s all said and done. I still trust the process and I am putting my faith in our less than perfect system of government in this fast changing world.

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