A Holy Moment

If walking this walk with my beloved Archie broke open my heart, then walking this walk with my mother is cleansing my soul.  Mom’s not eating more than a few bites a day now. When she stops completely we will know to start preparations for her burial.  I think I am ready. My heart is full of love.

It is not my love pouring from this heart. I’m not capable of a love so pure.  A Love bigger than anything I could aspire to is flowing through me. This Love is birthing a purified moment of concious connection – Soul to Soul.  I am a just a conduit for His Mercy and Grace to reach my mother in this spec of time. In this moment of full surrender with all the Joy that full surrender generates, I can see how Holy and Sacred is this thing we call Life. I can see how much we are loved. Would it were that we could all know this from the start.

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