Today’s Prayer

20181019_074702.jpgTuesday is the big day.  The midterms will be completed and we will have some idea of which direction this country is heading for another couple of years.  I may celebrate the results or be disappointed but it does not matter.  I believe that God’s Will shall be made manifest in any case.  My only job is to accept the result and move forward; trusting in His Will.

We may destroy this beautiful experiment in Democracy or we may blow up or burn up the planet we call home.  Or, we may come to learn the lessons we are here to learn.  We are not yet fifty-one percent harmless.  As a conscious species we are still ruled by the passions and greed of our darker natures on the individual and the global levels.  God continually gives us opportunities to learn the lessons that His Son came to teach us: To treat all persons with the love and compassion of Christ; to be selfless and forgiving; to surrender fear and have Faith that brings a peace that passes all understanding.  All the suffering in the world is but a reflection of the venom in our own hearts that we refuse to acknowledge and take responsibility for.  Until we reach a critical mass of souls willing to do that and transform ourselves through the love of Christ or whatever symbol of the goodness of our creator one connects to, humanity will never reach the goal of becoming fifty-one percent harmless.

Wednesday, November 7th, we will wake up to a new vision of our path moving forward.  I will be at peace knowing that I have within myself the God given Spiritual gifts I will need to live in this world.  Today I pray for the Faith to surrender all fear, the Wisdom to know what is mine to change, the Strength to do what is mine to do, the Courage to meet all other persons with Love, and the Selflessness and compassion to be of service wherever I am called to serve.  Thank you, Father for giving me these Spiritual gifts.  Thank you, Jesus for showing me the way.  Holy Spirit, make me an instrument of your Peace.  Lord, I pray, please guide our nation to Peace.  Amen

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