Why The Blog?

I am a retired substance abuse counselor having worked in residential treatment for 25 years as a therapist and an equine therapist.  I discovered many things about the dark side of human nature (my own as well as others), during those years and slowly developed a relationship with a Higher Power through the 12-Steps of  AA.  The connection to a Higher Power deepened over time until life and Spirit brought me back to my roots in the Catholic Church.  Historically, I came from a secular philosophic position on the meaning of life, but God’s Will won out.  I have started this Blog as a way to share this journey.  My prayer is that the Holy Spirit will guide my thoughts and words so that I may be of maximum service to God and others through this medium. I recognized that just those words will keep many from following this blog, however, this is not a concern to me as I only write for those who find my point of view on life helpful to them. I have read the Bible but never studied it so you won’t find references to Bible verse here. You will discover words from T. S. Elliot, C. S. Lewis, A COURSE IN MIRACLES and many other gifted Spiritual writers from time to time, however.  I welcome your comments and feedback.

Forever a student, Mary Lynn

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