The first inkling I had that changes were coming was when I realized that my dying parents would never see the new home Tom and I had recently purchased.  This was very disappointing to me but I didn’t realize how life changing this loss would be until after they had both passed.  I know now, … More Transitions

Being Old

We don’t just get old and die. Most of us will get old and stay that way a long, long time before we die. I was weeding my lovely flower garden this morning when I recognized that I needed to stop and rest my back. It was hurting like blazes. I’ve been saying for a … More Being Old

The End Game

My 93 year old mother and I had a chat at her kitchen table today. Mom was complaining that she wasn’t getting well fast enough. She was going on and on about being so tired she just couldn’t stand it and then she went through an extensive list of grievances that she had about things … More The End Game

Conscious Dying

I wake up in the morning and, after a cup of coffee shared with my darling, I walk the dogs around the pond for their morning treat. Later, after starting a load of laundry or some picking up, I begin to prepare to head to my parents house for the daily visit. I try to … More Conscious Dying

Giving It Away

In 2009 I began developing the equine therapy program that would become the central focus of my career as a substance abuse counselor. Little did I know then what a powerful, effective treatment modality it would become!   Back then I didn’t know about “limbic resonance” or that this was the event that made the sessions … More Giving It Away

The Wedding Part II

Tom and I went to Wisconsin last weekend to attend my late husband’s nephew’s wedding. Besides my brother-in-law’s family, my Texas family was there also; our daughter and her husband; our two beautiful granddaughters and my best friend. We all shared Racine with Tom. We visited the little flat that Archie and I first lived … More The Wedding Part II

The Wedding

Don’t know where I’m going this morning. I usually have the day all planned out by 7 AM, but today I can’t seem to find a direction or focus. There are a few things on my to-do list but no real ambition or obligations driving my focus. I seem to be in a holding pattern … More The Wedding